About/Contact John Nguyen and Gunyen
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Hey, I’m John Nguyen. The creator and webmaster of this website. I’ll tell you about what Gunyen is and a little bit about me.

What is Gunyen?

I’m typically quick to give up when the good starts getting better, but hopefully I can stick with it this time around with uploading content regularly. A couple examples was when I was doing food reviews and putting together small instrumental sample packs. It became a bit much with school and work. Any ways, I digress.

Who is John Nguyen?

First generation Vietnamese American born in Bellevue, WA. My parents came overseas to give my brothers and I a better life with more opportunities. Of course there are uncles, aunts, and my grandma that came too. I’m lucky enough to be able to visit my grandma whenever I want, but my other relatives are pretty spread out.