Image of John Nguyen aka Gunyen

Hey, I’m John Nguyen aka Gunyen. The creator and webmaster of this website.

What is Gunyen?

Gunyen is an anagram of my last name Nguyen. I wanted to stand out from the other Nguyen’s out there when I do anything creative. Gunyen is a persona I’ve created for when I’m doing my hobbies. Though it’s becoming a brand of its own at this point. Gunyen’s primary service is aerial photography and videography.

Why Was Gunyen Created?

This website is a place for me to share aerial photography, aerial videography, and music from time to time. I’ll be sharing all my experiences from my flights and places I’ve visited. You’ll definitely want to be in the loop if you’re the outdoorsy type looking for a new place to visit. I know all you people on these dating apps say, “looking for an adventure” so follow my blog to act the part if you’re all “live laugh love” and all that jazz.

The Mission

My goal is to provide top quality service with an emphasis on safety. Flying a drone is no joke and every one’s safety comes first prior to drone departure. Creating spatial awareness so no one gets caught by the drone is first, capturing a beautiful scene comes second.