470 Admiral Way, Edmonds, WA 98020


I went droning at Marina Beach Park to fly my drone around getting some nice views during sunset. There was a normal amount of people there just going about their day. Some people were having a family outing, and some were just in the grass tanning. It was pretty cool with the breeze coming in from the water. Got an energy drink along the way to help me stay awake (I’m always tired), sat at a park bench, set my drone up, then flew off to enjoy the scenery.

There was a lot to see from the sky looking down. The areas topography was comprised of a beach, park, dog park, boat dock, train tracks, and a lot of water. Seeing it all from so high up was cool, I regret not getting a shot of a train passing by. Was really hoping to get a glance of a seal too, but they didn’t end up visiting unfortunately. The sky was completely clear. There were mountains off in the distance that helped the aesthetic of the horizon look stunning alongside the sunset.

Once I got home, I put together all the snippets from Marina Park Beach. I made a remix of Crank Dat by Soulja as reference to use for transitions. Definitely could have done a better job in stitching it all together but comparing how much I know to what ended up being produced; I’m satisfied. Not all the music I make is like the remix of Crank Dat. You’ll hear more sad or soulful singer songwriter stuff more often than not from me.

Check out the drone video of Marina Park Beach below! My favorite shot was the boat going through water. Should’ve incorporated that more but, oh well.

Droning at Marina Park Beach (video)


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