Had my DJI mini 3 pro first flight today! Didn’t know what I was doing but it was fun to see it go and be able to see everything from a different perspective. It’s definitely different than just watching drone videos on YouTube. For a first flight when it comes to flying trying to navigate looking at the drone vs looking at the screen from the drone’s POV, I’m a complete noob. Overtime I’ll for sure get better at creating and navigating flights paths as well as video editing. I’ve also used settings I’ve found on YouTube for my drone that will be tweaked overtime to suit me better.

Excited to be making more content in the future that’s more eye catching. Gonna start learning more about video editing and best practices to shoot video. I already make music, so adding royalty free background music isn’t an issue for me.

Here’s a snippet of my DJI Mini 3 Pro First Flight!


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