This is my first drone, the DJI mini 3 pro with RC remote. There were many drones to choose from and there were cheaper options as well, but I chose this one for various reasons. I still haven’t had my first flight yet, so I’m just sharing what I found via research.

Why this drone instead of others?

The quality of the camera was the first reason. All the images that have been shared online from this drone are pretty clean. I’m not going to go over specs because you can see the spec sheet on their website (hyperlink). Aside from picture quality is the angles you can get. Stright down, just about directly up, and true portrait mode.

When I say true portrait mode, I mean that the image isn’t cropped when capturing a portrait image or video. There’s no quality loss when shooting in portrait mode. After file transfer to your phone, just a slight edit and it’s ready for social media. The mini 3 pro is also easily hidden and versatile.

It’s small, light, and easily concealed. Along with the RC remote, I don’t have to deal with setting up my phone on the remote either. It really is plug and play. I’ve heard that it’s quite quiet as well, but I’ll have to check that out during my first flight.

You get 1 set of propellers, 1 mini screwdriver, 1 usb c to usb c cable, and 1 usb c to usb a cable. Along with all the paperwork mumbo jumbo.

Bonus Packages

Along with the drone, I got the fly more plus kit. Comes with a bag, 2 plus batteries (45min), 2 sets of propellers, and a charging dock that fits 3 batteries. Got this because I need a safe place to put my drone and additional batteries so I can fly longer for when I’m proficient enough to work events. I found a Velcro strap around the house to keep my propellers from swinging around like a wacky inflatable tube man.