Have you been looking around the internet on how to get a part 107 certification? Welp, look no further because I got what you need. I’m not going to sell you a dumb course to follow to study for the exam you need to take to get the certification. You really only need the resource materials that I’ll be linking here and $175 (that how much I paid in WA) to schedule and take the exam at a nearby testing facility. Yes, you have to leave your home to take the exam. Don’t blame me, blame the FAA.

How to study for the Part 107 exam

Here’s how to study for the Part 107 exam. The FAA provides free study materials for you to study for the exam. Heck, they even provide practice tests for you to go through. You will need to create an account to access some study materials as well if you’d like to learn as much as you can. You’ll be thinking to yourself “why do I even need to learn some of this” and in all honestly, you don’t, but the FAA would like you to know some of the stuff unrelated to flying a drone. The main study guide is from 2016, but I sent an email about it, and they said that it’s the most up to date study guide.

Aside from the study materials that the FAA provides for your convenience, YouTube is also a great resource for learning. There’s one particular video that will help you out and pretty much the only one you’ll need. It’s from the YouTube channel Tony & Chelsea Northrup. They have a lot of great resources in how to use your drone too.

Here are the links for study materials for the exam:
Part 107 Training Course
Remote Pilot – Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Study Guide
Unmanned Aircraft General (UAG) Sample Questions
FREE Drone Certification Study Guide: FAA Part 107 sUAS Test (video)

How to schedule and pay for your Unmanned Aircraft General (UAG) exam

So, you’ve studied as much as you believe you can and you’re confident in your knowledge. Here’s how to schedule and pay for your Unmanned Aircraft General (UAG) exam. You may have seen others reference it as a Part 107 exam.

You’ll need to go to 2 websites and basically create 2 accounts. One account needs to be made before creating the other as one provides you with a FAA tracking number that you need for the other website.

The first website you need to go to and make an account for is the IACRA (hyperlink) website. Once you’ve made an account there, record your FTN that was generated upon the creation of your account.

The second website is PSI Exams (hyperlink). In the creation of this account, you will need your FTN from your IACRA account.

Once you’ve made your account on PSI exams, you can now schedule for your exam. You’ll be testing for a remote pilot exam called Unmanned Aircraft General. Once you’ve selected the exam, you’ll be prompted to select the testing facility you’d like to test at and the date and time you’d like to take the exam. After scheduling, you’ll be prompted to pay then all you have to do is go to the testing center and take the exam. You only need a 70% to pass (I got a 72% because I didn’t really study too much).

The test admins provide you with tools that you need for the exam. One of which is a refence book that provides all the figures that the exam will be referencing.

If you passed, then congratulations! If you failed, well better luck next time. The wait time before you can take the exam again if you fail is 2 weeks (you won’t fail though cause its super easy). You’ll receive a paper after the exam saying whether or not you passed. There are codes related to questions you’ve missed in case you’re curious as well.

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Hope this all helps, and I wish you the best of luck!


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